Tuesday, March 16, 2010


We arrived at Mbiriizi School at 8am Monday to set up with a plan to set up the clinic by 9am and see 50 kids each our so we could reach our goal of seeing all 1000 children in 4 days.

As we got closer to the school, we began seeing bright colors in the distance and we hear clapping and singing. All 1000 kids and teachers lined the dirt road driving up to the school. We got out of our van and walked up the path - following a group of children ding traditional African dance. Words cannot describe this moment.

We were then lead into their large meeting room where we were welcomed formally and the children sang and danced for us. Truly heartwarming.

It was now 9:15 and we still had to set up the clinic (we were allowed to drop off supplies on Sunday but could not set up until Monday). The line started forming at 9:20 and quickly wrapped around the front of the building. They had picked out all of the sickest children first as nobody was optomistic we could see everyone.

In this group I treated 2 for pneumonia, picked up a handful of heart murmurs, saw several with toothaches and learned to be resourceful. By the end of the day we saw 175- felt good about our work but still didn't meet our quota.

Today we were much more efficient. We have seen 528 kids so far. It was insane!! The self taught nurse who works there is amazing. She is so eager to learn.

The most conmon complaint was hunger, followed by headache.

Will write more tomorrow

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  1. Outstanding. But still so much work to be done right? You'll do it! (I think you did do it because I saw your FB post!)